Why IFS?

Outsourced Order Fulfillment in Missouri

  1. Shipping from the Midwest saves money.

    The math is simple. The shorter the distance between where your order is shipped from and where it’s being shipped to, the lower your shipping fee will be. So shipping from the Midwest just makes good sense. Customers have saved hundreds, even thousands of dollars in shipping fees per month after moving their outsourced order fulfillment operation to IFS. How much can you save? Complete this form and if we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive, accurate quote.

  2. Orders sent from IFS usually arrive faster.

    On time deliveryBecause we pick, pack and ship orders from our Midwest fulfillment warehouses in Kansas City, Missouri, orders shipped via ground delivery to either coast—especially those going to California or New York—usually arrive one or two days faster than those shipped from many other order fulfillment service providers. These days, when your customers expect everything to happen faster, speed is of the essence. We understand that, and will work hard to provide you with the best fulfillment—and the fastest fulfillment—possible.

  3. Orders come in and shipments go out the same day.

  4. Our order accuracy rate is 99.873%.

    We know that accuracy is of the utmost importance to our clients. So we track and measure our performance on a monthly basis for every account. There are lots of places along the way where mistakes can happen. In fact, new customers often tell us that errors have been a very big problem for them. We are committed to providing an “error free” experience. This means that our expert fulfillment center team pulls the right products from the right shelf, packs them in the right carton and affixes the right shipping labels, gets them on the right truck and to the right door, almost every single time. You can be assured that our experienced staff and time-tested processes and systems will take errors out of the equation for you.

  5. 100% of customer service calls are answered by full-time, knowledgeable staff.

    What’s more, most calls are answered within seconds. Your customers will never be directed to press a key to get to the right department. In our high touch call center, friendly, professional representatives answer every customer call. These knowledgeable individuals, some of whom are fluent in both English and Spanish, are trained to anticipate customer questions, offer suggestions and resolve problems on the first call. The result of this exceptional commitment to customer service is a polished, professional image, happy customers and quite often—more sales for you.

  6. Regular reports and a designated Account Manager = exceptional communication.

    account managementAs a business owner, you need to know what’s happening with your company. Your Account Manager will oversee your business day to day and be the primary contact for you and your customers. Detailed, accurate reports will make it easy for you to track inquiries, orders, customer concerns and deliveries, plus you with have visibility into your accounts information.

  7. Flexible service options make it easy to gear up for busy seasons.

    Does order volume increase around holidays? Do you have a big campaign coming up that should result in increased calls? No problem. We’ll work with you to understand timing, seasonality and volume issues related to your business so that we can scale accordingly.

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