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Efficient processes, stringent quality control and fast, accurate order fulfillment. That’s what IFS clients expect—and receive.

Our order fulfillment warehouse and distribution center is key to your success. Consider these benefits:

  • Ground shipments to anywhere in the lower 48 states in 1-3 days
  • Strategically located in Kansas City, MO
  • Warehouse is climate-controlled, 50°-77° F
  • Facility is FDA-inspected and food-grade compliant
  • Proven processes for receiving and inventory management
  • Multiple quality control checks
  • Flexible, scalable on-demand staffing
  • Order accuracy rate of 99.873%
  • Typically, orders ship the day we receive them
  • Custom assembly, packaging and kitting services available

Distribution Center & Warehousing

Once your customer places an order, our warehouse teams spring into action. The order is processed … products are pulled from the shelves and inventory is adjusted accordingly … the right carton is packed carefully by hand so your products arrive in excellent condition … the order is checked for accuracy … shipping labels are generated and transactions are processed … and the carton is whisked away to the loading dock for pickup. All along the way, the order is checked and double-checked to make sure the right products are going to the right recipient at the right address.

It’s our commitment to exceeding your expectations that makes IFS a powerful partner for order fulfillment.


Pick and Pack

Woman taping closed a shipping boxWe know that your customers expect to get the items they have ordered in pristine shape and on-time. At IFS we take great care to pick the right products from your product inventory, pack them carefully in the most appropriate packaging and ship them on their way quickly. In fact, most orders are picked, packed and shipped the same day they are received and our order accuracy rate is 99.873%.

In addition to keeping your customers happy, we know that accurate pick and pack services are important to an overall business strategy for maintaining accurate reports and inventory records.

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