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Customer Care At IFS, your customers are our customers.

Outsourcing Customer Service to IFS is a Win-Win-Win

You win because your company is represented by a polished, professional team of customer service representatives. Every member of our full-time customer service call center team is friendly, articulate, well-trained and knows your products inside and out.

Calls are answered quickly — most within seconds — thanks to our sophisticated technology. Customized call routing, automated call distribution, caller ID, screen transfer technology and the ability to scale up or down to accommodate busy selling seasons means you don’t need to worry about calls falling through the cracks.

Your customers win because they receive assistance from friendly, knowledgeable professionals. Questions are answered promptly…problems are resolved quickly…and orders are placed efficiently. As far as your customers know, they’re dealing with your own customer service team, not an outsourced call center.

Have customers who speak Spanish? We have Spanish speakers who are fluent, friendly and well informed about your products. Trust builds quickly, which is one reason that upsells and cross-sells often increase when an IFS customer service representative is on the phone with your customers.

We win because we genuinely like dealing with consumers. We’ve worked with tens of thousands of end-users over the years, and we take pleasure and pride in surpassing your expectations—and theirs. Whether our customer service team is taking orders over the phone … processing secure credit card payments … answering questions … handling returns … updating your database or collecting data through phone surveys … we take pride in providing 5-star customer service every day.

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