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We’re honored when our order fulfillment clients and customer service customers share feedback with us. Here are a few comments we have received.

Fulfillment Client Testimonials

As part of our due diligence for selecting a fulfillment provider, I made test calls to the IFS Call Center operators. I was especially impressed with how knowledgeable they were about the nuances of the products they were representing, as well as their skills in cross-selling and up-selling.

Since contracting with IFS, we have had great experiences. The company’s services are cost-effective; its team is very engaging and attentive to our needs—stepping up to provide some customization when it was needed for our service model. The company isn’t too large yet it has the capabilities to grow with our business. As an extra benefit, everyone at IFS makes us feel important, which you don’t always get with third-party providers.

I would recommend IFS to anyone looking for a fulfillment provider that excels at meeting its clients’ needs.

—Michael Swift | COO, Source One Global Partners


When it came to ramping up for the holiday season, IFS was terrific about both taking our original projections and preparing for the season, then—once the realization hit that our initial projections were low—being very receptive to ramping up even further. They responded to every phone call, every email and every idea with great timeliness and receptivity as to what we thought needed to be done to accommodate our customers.

We can’t say enough good things about IFS. It’s been so nice to have a partner that can grow with us. As a growing company, they’ve been very gracious about accommodating changes that we make to our process…then adapting their processes right along with us.

—Tracy Bech | Co-owner, Zeeberry


IFS has been an invaluable partner in growing our brand. Thanks to their expertise, we’re now taking 99.99% order accuracy and uninterrupted timely delivery for granted.

—Glenn Airoldi | Director of Ecommerce, SmartWool


In the first four months we outsourced our fulfillment to IFS, our consumer business for Kelo-cote increased 42 percent, versus the last four months prior to making the move.

—Zubin Mesginpoosh | Director of Commercial Operations
Advanced Bio-Technologies, Inc.


Keith and his staff have maintained the same level of attention to detail and service that my staff had established. In fact, we have seen less variance in our inventory and fewer shipping errors than when we were doing the fulfillment ourselves.

—Christy Winter | President, Kimball & Young, Inc.


IFS is known throughout the industry for its quality leadership, excellent workforce and history of quality fulfillment services. Plus, its centralized location allows for shorter shipment time and helps us to be more responsive to our customers.

—Dan McCall | COO, Avidas Pharmaceuticals


After months of searching for the right fulfillment partner, we have been delighted with the highly professional and personal service that we and our customers have received from the IFS staff. All in all, we could not be more pleased with the many services you provide; a sophisticated software system for taking, shipping and tracking orders; a reliable inventory control system; and a dedicated team of account managers who are well-versed in all aspects of our products.

When surveyed about their shopping experience, our customers consistently respond with excellent ratings. Having IFS as our “professional face” is of the utmost importance to us as a online business. We look forward to working with everyone at IFS to grow our business for many years to come.

—Dr. John P. Bennett | Chairman and CEO, Pharmabiotix


In the more than 10 years that IFS has been providing fulfillment for our company, we have enjoyed a very professional and highly satisfactory relationship. All the people we work with at IFS, beginning with the president, Keith Milburn and his staff, are always accessible and helpful, even on short notice. We particularly appreciate IFS’ ability to adapt to whatever needs arise for the prompt (and economical) fulfillment of all our products, as well as providing timely, thorough reports.

—Richard Rubin | President, Pound Ridge Marketing/Health Advantage

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