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online shoppersIf your business is like most online stores, many customers will order online but some will prefer to call instead. When that’s the case, our exceptional call center will make a positive impression on your customers.

Professional Call Center

Our high-touch call center is staffed by full-time customer service representatives who know and understand your business and your products. Led by your Account Manager, they will answer your customers’ questions, place phone orders and help promote your products. Each representative is a native English speaker based at our corporate headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. They will give your company a polished, professional, public “face.”

We also offer the latest technology — customized call routing, automated call distribution, caller ID, screen transfer technology and more – which means your customers’ calls will be answered within seconds. Also, with our ability to scale up to accommodate busy selling seasons, you can rest assured that your customer calls will be handled in a timely manner each and every day.

Shopping Cart

Our comprehensive fulfillment capabilities include seamless integration with many major shopping carts in order to support your e-commerce business, including:

Magento logo Shopify logo WooCommerce logo
BigCommerce logo Amazon logo Ebay logo
Volusion logo UltraCart logo

For an additional monthly charge we can also integrate with 3dCart, 1 Shopping Cart, Wayfair, PayPal, Amazon Marketplace, Infusionsoft and others.

These options allow you to:

  • provide real-time inventory availability to your customers, including back-order receipt dates;
  • ensure fast, accurate order fulfillment to your customers; and
  • ensure accurate, product tracking and delivery information.

If you are already using a secure shopping cart and processing transactions through a payment gateway and merchant account provider, we’ll work with you so we can access order details on demand. If you haven’t selected a shopping cart yet, you may want to utilize our simple cart which makes pulling orders fast and easy.

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Business-to-Business Distribution (B-to-B)

In addition to shipping your product directly to consumers, we provide complete supply chain distribution through outsourced services to distributors, wholesale establishments and retail stores. This includes small package delivery, truckload or less-than-truckload services.

Our e-commerce services also include an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform if your B-to-B transactions with retail or manufacturing customers require electronic transmission of documentation.

Inventory Management

Order FulfillmentAs an ecommerce business, your product inventory is one of your most important assets. In addition to the time you spend on product development and marketing, your inventory represents a substantial investment for your company. Managing your inventory accurately is a critical component in the success of your business.

So, whether you have a small start-up company or a major retail enterprise, being able to translate product inventory into sales depends on your ability to effectively manage and control your inventory from the time your product is delivered to the warehouse until it is shipped out in response to your customers’ orders.

Learn more about Inventory Management »

Credit Card Transactions

Which do you prefer: setting up your own merchant account and payment gateway, or having the IFS team take care of it for you? We’ll be happy to accommodate your request so that every transaction is safe and secure.

PCI Compliant

add to cartWe comply with all current PCI-DSS standards for processing your customers’ credit cards securely and safely. PCI Compliance includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures intended to proactively protect customer account data.

Flexible Staffing

Do your sales jump during the holidays or other peak selling seasons? No problem. We will work with you to understand your selling cycles. Full-time, knowledgeable staff will be available as needed to accommodate busy periods, and when sales slow, staffing will be adjusted accordingly.


Man at desk reviewing paperworkKeeping track of all of the information involved in maintaining a successful e-commerce business can be overwhelming. That’s why at IFS we provide you with access to the information you need to maintain accurate reports of your current product inventory levels, customer orders, backorders, returns, and shipping activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

And because time is money, we offer a web-based, data reporting portal that provides direct access from your computer to all product and sales activity information. Once you download the information, it can be incorporated into your daily sales and logistics reports. Or, we can provide you with the reports you need – on a pre-scheduled basis or on-demand – in your preferred format, to keep track of your product sales activity.

Start creating more accurate reports right away with our customer-friendly, web-based reporting solutions and database expertise.

Anywhere Ground Delivery in 3 Days or Less

These days, fast delivery is more important than ever. Customers want their orders to arrive quickly, but they don’t want to pay for expedited shipping. Our Midwest fulfillment center means that shipments going to any address in the lower 48 states will arrive in three days or less. That’s one or two days faster than order fulfillment service companies based on either coast.

Cost-Effective Shipping Rates

Our Kansas City, Missouri, location is one reason you’ll pay less for shipping. Another is that we work with carriers to get you the best rates available, based on order volume. Depending on how many orders we ship for you, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars each month.

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